Give me the mic.

I've always wanted to meet her.

Russell looked like death warmed up after going on a three-day bender.

I had to change the plan.

Let's double check.

He was very angry with me when I forgot the appointment.

What time yesterday was the concert?

If Elvis didn't write this, then who wrote it?

Anything may happen till that time.

These days the number of women who don't want to change their family names even after they get married is increasing.

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Don't wilt away, love.

You know, I think that we're wasting our time here.

I hear Anatoly is very good at swimming.

Beer consists of 90% water.

I met a tall man named Ken.

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I am completely alone in the world.

Delbert needs to win.

I went to the scene of the crime.

The woman downed the gin and lime that was served in one swallow.

I didn't think the American people would reelect George W. Bush.

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I don't want to hurt him.

You're always criticizing me!

I'm glad I'm not you.

This horse is not white.

Is that really what you think?

Did you get in touch with Lowell?

It is curious that she should have asked you such a thing.

She may well speak ill of him.

Hume's parachute didn't open.

Pim plans to stay in Boston until October.

I made a lot of trips to the employment bureau before I found a job.

Steal money.

I wonder if it would be possible for you to introduce me to Mr. Harrison of PC Interactive Co. Ltd.

She is now staying at her uncle's house.

The distress call of a young dolphin has been used to lure a large pod of the animals to safety.

Clare had to wait in line for three hours.

Look at the map on the wall carefully.


This problem is very common but doesn't have an easy answer.

I was the happiest man on earth.

He checked the plane for possible damages.

We chose John to be our captain.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.


Fermat's Last Theorem was finally proven by English mathematician Andrew Wiles in 1994.


What did Archie say he needed?


That's a fake beard, isn't it?

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This will take time, money and patience.

She is an educated girl.

The only alternatives are success and death.

We adults shouldn't destroy the intelligent and creative capacity of children.

Syd is mowing the lawn.

You can tell me anything.

Unfortunately, my wife and my lover don't get along very well together.

I don't want to hear your stories. I already know them all.

I don't for a moment doubt your honesty.

Mr Sato ran a supermarket in his hometown before he came to Tokyo.

How did you know where to find Lar?

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During the exam, Nici cheated off Hugh.


Looks like someone threw up their guts all over the walls.

The number of refugees in the world increases steadily.

I invested my money in a bank.


I have to talk to them.

We don't know for sure.

I want to come to the hotel.

We were moved to tears.

Alvin did not want to wait.

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We'll find out in just a minute.


What's your second choice?

What was Kolkka's secret?

Perhaps the report was incorrect.

Mayuko eats bread for breakfast.

Flight faster than sound was thought to be impossible.

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Roxane spends way too much time playing games.

I didn't say my last word!

To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.


Don likes the exercise.

How was the interview?

Politicians are good at raising money.

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We're going up into the mountains, so why don't you come with us?

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Rod is a very patient teacher.


Let's pool all our money.

The finish of the table was perfect.

An assertion isn't a proof.

Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Everybody down here sure likes you a lot, Agatha.

The human eye is blind to nearly the entire electromagnetic spectrum, except for the very narrow range of light that falls in what we call the visible range.

Why do you need such a big house?

I have almost no money now.

Is it really recyclable?


From early morning I had been oppressed by a strange melancholy.

Take an umbrella. It's likely to rain.

I don't think it'll be easy.

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I can reschedule.

"Does your friend know about this?" "Naturally."

He liked that.


"Who do you belong to?" Wrapped around his feet was a small cat. It was a fluffy grey striped cat.

The factory produces cotton goods.

This AC unit wastes a lot of electricity.

I was watching TV half sleeping.

The detective I hired called to tell me he has a promising lead.

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We've got problems of our own.


I have other plans for them.


Will it do me any good to try to persuade him now?

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Juan went to the city by bus.

Tell him to stay put for now.

I thought maybe you could use a hand.

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I have to tighten these bolts.


I play trumpet in the school band.

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Annard can speak French much more fluently than I can.

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I just wish I had fired Dwight sooner.

I wish I could help you with that.

We gave it our best shot.

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Our nation is very fond of baseball.

I thought we would have breakfast together.

I have an earache.

Blair can't speak any French at all.

I would like to spend the whole morning like this.

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This ship is too big to pass through the canal.

Since the book is about animals, I was irritated that the animals behaved like people.

Take me home.

Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1633. Because of his age and poor health, he was allowed to serve his imprisonment under house arrest.

Oh my God, Sedat has done it!

You should just stay here.

Music is an outburst of the soul.

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He may come and see us tonight.


Loyd was too shy to take part in games with the other boys.

I sold off all my records.

Large raindrops are starting to fall.

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The submarine had to break through a thin sheet of ice to surface.

Birds learn to fly by instinct.

Don't tell me not to worry.

Karl no longer lives with me.

We could not go there because of the rain.

Do you want a single room?

Tell her I have a broken leg.

A piece of advice fixed firmly in my brain for future reference.

He was too obstinate, but on the other hand he was reliable.

Hillary has promised to help.

He made a speech highly appropriate to the occasion.

We have a special surprise for you guys!

Keep an eye on the boys; they're mischievous.


I've always had an interest in the paranormal.

You mustn't give in to their demands.

I want to eat something Korean.

A bunch of people thrust their way toward the rear exit.

Ken called to say he wasn't coming to work today.


I'm sure Stacey appreciates all your help.


He is said to have been the richest man in town at that time.

What does it taste like?

Finally, we reached the top of the mountain.


We learned Russian instead of French.

Leith told me he'd help us.

He is famous as a scientist.

The train will pick up speed in a minute.

Getting shy Kyoko to talk at a party is like pulling teeth.


Jane is out shopping.

Sorry, wrong number.

The sheriff beat the suspect until he was almost dead.

Loukas shook everybody's hands.

I need to be at a meeting this afternoon.

Guido doesn't even own a computer.

Come at ten o'clock sharp.